Ancient Topography

Pemberton is influenced by ancient soils made up of red loam and gravely ironstone. These rust coloured soils are produced from over three billion years of weathering of the world’s most ancient rock formation – The Yilgarn. Fruit grown in this region reflects this ancient and distinctive terroir producing exquisite cool-climate wines of high acclaim.

Hidden away amongst towering Karri forests and rolling valleys

Pemberton has become known for its serene setting, abundant presence of truffles, fresh water marron and grazing land

Raw Natural Beauty

With just 466 hectares of vines in total, Pemberton is a small up and coming wine region in Western Australia, hidden away amongst towering Karri forests and rolling valleys. The region has long been known for its jaw-dropping natural beauty, rich history and myriad of outdoor activities attracting visitors from around the world, and it is now being heralded as one of the country’s most exciting cool climate wine regions.

The Smithbrook vineyard sits on a 100-hectare property in Pemberton

An emerging cool climate wine region in WA’s South West

An Ingrained Philosophy

Smithbrook wines capture the essence of what this beautiful region has to offer without interfering with the spectacular and picturesque natural environment that surrounds the vineyard. Organic practices are used, and a fresh water catchment keeps water usage low and trains the vines to be tolerant of seasonal variances.

The Smithbrook property is similar to a large natural amphitheatre, with a freshwater dam in the centre. The vineyards are surrounded by karri trees and host a mix of soils including karri loam and gravelly karri loams. The Smithbrook terroir is enhanced by these rich soils and unique microclimate, providing an environment that vines thrive in.