A Picturesque Site

Underlying the southern corner of Western Australia is a huge mass of granite rock called The Yilgarn craton. The Yilgarn craton is recognised as the oldest rock formation on earth dating back more than 3 billion years. The gravelly ironstone soils that have formed on the higher ground above the craton are found throughout Pemberton and the Smithbrook vineyards.

The Smithbrook vineyard sits on a 100-hectare property in Pemberton

An emerging wine region in WA’s South West

An Ingrained Philosophy

Smithbrook wines capture the essence of what this beautiful region has to offer without interfering with the spectacular and picturesque natural environment that surrounds the vineyard. Organic practices are used, and a fresh water catchment keeps water usage low and trains the vines to be tolerant of seasonal variances.

Surrounded by towering Karri trees with its gentle rolling hills

It has become known for its serene setting, abundant presence of truffles, fresh water marron and grazing land